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Castle Crashers
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Thread: Castle Crashers

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    Castle Crashers

    Recently I've started playing Castle Crashers again(Due to the recently released content) and I was wondering if this game was still hackable in terms of stats. Can anybody help?

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    Re: Castle Crashers

    If i remember you can still modify the GPD im also certain that a tool was made so try searching or wait and see if a kind enough person will post one

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    Re: Castle Crashers

    Horizon has an editor for it for free , its always been GPD editing for this game...some people have trouble with their profiles after, the only way I have used to stop any issues from happening after a profile/GPD mod is to load profile after, go into game to make sure changes took place, back out so it saves and then take off or delete your profile from the hard drive and recover it over Xbox Live...your profile will be 100% perfect and your castle crashers characters will be all beefed up still!

    P.S. what new content came out...the last DLC i know of was over a year ago...although, I haven't checked on this game in forever...nor played it in a while...

    hope this helps...but just to rehash...the Horizon program is AWESOME!!! lots of editors and it reads directly from your hard drive or USB device and shows the game names and not just the folder/game ID's!!! It's a MUST have for any modding to game save especially!

    Good luck...

    ***NOTE*** The Castle Crasher tool is under "Profile Mods" and not "Game Modders" (in horizon!)

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