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Anyone want to tackle Bodycount?
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    Anyone want to tackle Bodycount?

    Here are some saves I have of bodycount if anyone wants to look into modding this game.

    SaveGame1 through SaveGame4

    rename each to SaveGame that is how they are stored on console. If you extract them they each will have there own:

    Not sure which one if any can be hex edited. I couldn't find the ammo, magazines, life or anything when I searched.

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    Re: Anyone want to tackle Bodycount?

    is this game any good? i heard the demo sucked

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    Re: Anyone want to tackle Bodycount?

    Looks like encryption is used.
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    Re: Anyone want to tackle Bodycount?

    The game is quite.. suck. It's extremely lackluster, all unlocks are unlocked by the 5th mission, you pick up ammo from everything you shoot, and it's an absurdly easy game. Only time you really die is when you get grenaded or someone shoots a barrel. I did however like the model physics and their destructibleness - that's more likely the EGO engines doing though. Their idea for bosses are enemies that are slightly larger than the others and take 20ish more shots to defeat :\ - it's a shitty Bulletstorm wannabe..

    All data is encrypted yeah, starting from 0xC and ending where ever it wants. There's also a hash at the beginning of the data which I've coded a function to fix in the checksum archive thread. It's honestly not worth the effort
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    Re: Anyone want to tackle Bodycount?

    I still have this game to run through, and I am actually not really looking forward to it. The game apparently throws achievements at you a lot, and most people should be able to get them all. I'm going to try for 100%, but if I don't make it, oh well. It has to be played and sent back to Gamefly so they send me Gears 3 later this month.

    I'm not sure what would be worth hacking in this game, either, aside from something like infinite health and ammo/nades, obviously.

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    Re: Anyone want to tackle Bodycount?

    yea i would not bother, with even modding this game its way too easy, unless someone gaming skills suck realy bad just like this game.



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