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In a press conference last week, Konami announced that its theme for this year's Tokyo Game Show is "Share Your Experience", and its subsidiary Kojima Productions has certainly jumped right onto the social media bandwagon to promote its Tokyo Game Show plans. The studio has launched a Tokyo Game Show Facebook page to complement its Official TGS Website, and put out a call for fans to tweet in their memories of their favorite Metal Gear scenes and lines. The best tweets addressed to #bestmg will be compiled and presented during an on-stage presentation, so that fans can share and re-live all those nostalgic moments.

During the stage show, Kojima Productions will also be showing off its three major upcoming projects: Metal Gear Solid HD Edition, Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D and Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker HD Edition. Playable demos of each game will be available, and in case the games themselves weren't enough incentive, fans who brave the queues to check them out will be rewarded for their dedication with one of a series of limited-edition handheld fans. September in eastern Japan tends to be pretty hot and sticky, so these are sure to come in handy for keeping cool as well as signaling your devotion to Metal Gear across the show floor.

Konami's Tokyo Game Show Facebook page can be found at the bottom of the thread (Japanese only) and includes videos and screenshots of many of the other titles we can look forward to hearing more about at Tokyo Game Show.