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[REQ]Inifite Undiscovery Achievement Unlock Order
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    Effort [REQ]Inifite Undiscovery Achievement Unlock Order

    I'm in need of the unlock order for the achieves in Infinite Undiscovery so I can finish my save set for the game. If you have the game, and have unlocked the achieves or most of them please post below how they look in your gamer history.

    Also if more than one person can post how they have theirs that would be great, so that I can verify by comparison.


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    Re: [REQ]Inifite Undiscovery Achievement Unlock Order

    Infinite Undiscovery
    920 / 1000 / 94%
    Obtained every item.
    ontgrendeld op 7-5-2011

    Seraphic Gatekeeper
    Defeated Ethereal Queen in Infinity mode.
    ontgrendeld op 1-10-2010

    Learned every tune.
    ontgrendeld op 26-9-2010

    Learned every spell.
    ontgrendeld op 26-9-2010

    Learned every battle skill.
    ontgrendeld op 26-9-2010

    Filthy Rich
    Obtained 99,999,999 Fol.
    ontgrendeld op 10-9-2010

    Summa Cum Laude
    Wrote "Will of the Universe."
    ontgrendeld op 28-11-2008

    Mad Scientist
    Alchemized a holy grail.
    ontgrendeld op 28-11-2008

    Creme de la Creme
    Cooked a Heaven and Earth dish.
    ontgrendeld op 24-11-2008

    Reckless Driver
    Defeated ten enemies using a mine cart in the Bihar Mines.
    ontgrendeld op 11-11-2008

    Capell to the Rescue
    Rescued all the Burguss soldiers in Castle Prevant.
    ontgrendeld op 7-11-2008

    Rock, Stock, and Barrel
    Defeated ten enemies using a catapult at Castle Prevant.
    ontgrendeld op 7-11-2008

    Claridian Scribe
    Obtained level 6 writing skills.
    ontgrendeld op 3-11-2008

    Hephaestus's Hammer
    Forged an azureal blade.
    ontgrendeld op 30-10-2008

    For the Children
    Rescued Leif before he got injured.
    ontgrendeld op 22-10-2008

    On the Run
    Reached Nolaan without taking any damage.
    ontgrendeld op 21-10-2008

    Time for Glasses?
    Played for over 40 hours.
    ontgrendeld op 20-10-2008

    Big Daddy's Back
    Sigmund joined your party in the Seraphic Gate.
    ontgrendeld op 12-10-2008

    Bestselling Author
    Obtained level 4 writing skills.
    ontgrendeld op 25-9-2008

    Imperial Guard
    Reached Empress Svala within 3 minutes.
    ontgrendeld op 24-9-2008

    Claridian Hand
    Obtained level 6 enchanting skills.
    ontgrendeld op 24-9-2008

    The Tide of Battle
    Destroyed the Cerulean Chain without being hit by the tsunami once.
    ontgrendeld op 23-9-2008

    High Enchanter
    Obtained level 4 enchanting skills.
    ontgrendeld op 22-9-2008

    Claridian Mind
    Obtained level 6 alchemy skills.
    ontgrendeld op 22-9-2008

    Aspiring Chemist
    Obtained level 4 alchemy skills.
    ontgrendeld op 22-9-2008

    Claridian Hammer
    Obtained level 6 forging skills.
    ontgrendeld op 22-9-2008

    Claridian Chef
    Obtained level 6 cooking skills.
    ontgrendeld op 22-9-2008

    Mister Chef
    Obtained level 4 cooking skills.
    ontgrendeld op 22-9-2008

    Obtained level 4 forging skills.
    ontgrendeld op 22-9-2008

    Barrel of Lulz
    Detonated every explosive barrel in Graad Prison.
    ontgrendeld op 19-9-2008

    Defeated Veros.
    ontgrendeld op 18-9-2008

    Vengeance at Last
    Defeated the Dreadknight.
    ontgrendeld op 18-9-2008

    Ashen Assailant
    Destroyed the Ashen Chain.
    ontgrendeld op 17-9-2008

    Social Butterfly
    Connected with every character.
    ontgrendeld op 15-9-2008

    Marathon Man
    Reached Sapran within 3 minutes.
    ontgrendeld op 14-9-2008

    Amber Ace
    Destroyed the Amber Chain.
    ontgrendeld op 14-9-2008

    Cerulean Savior
    Destroyed the Cerulean Chain.
    ontgrendeld op 12-9-2008

    Crimson Crusader
    Destroyed the Crimson Chain.
    ontgrendeld op 12-9-2008

    Executed a 30-hit ground combo.
    ontgrendeld op 11-9-2008

    Aerial Acrobat
    Executed a 20-hit aerial combo.
    ontgrendeld op 11-9-2008

    Reached a safe haven without letting any unblesseds perish.
    ontgrendeld op 11-9-2008

    Orange Officer
    Destroyed the Orange Chain.
    ontgrendeld op 11-9-2008

    Hero of the Millennium
    Defeated 1000 enemies.
    ontgrendeld op 11-9-2008

    Azure Avenger
    Destroyed the Azure Chain.
    ontgrendeld op 11-9-2008

    Infinitely Unobservant
    Allowed the enemy to surprise you 10 times.
    ontgrendeld op 11-9-2008

    Launched your first surprise attack.

    Launched 10 surprise attacks.

    I only need 3 more



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