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While Square Enix left clues hinting at DLC for Deus Ex: Human Revolution, we doubt the publishers expected its plans to be revealed quite this easily.
After following a convoluted breadcrumb trail of images and websites hinting at the truth, eager fans have uncovered the official details ... right in the Deus Ex website's RSS.

Opening up the RSS XML reveals that the DLC will indeed be titled "Missing Link" and will take place during a three day-period in which protagonist Adam Jensen "vanishes," after which he must escape from a freighter. The clincher: His augmentations have been disabled.

"Hey," you're undoubtedly thinking, "wouldn't that mean his cybernetic arms would just stop working?" You're right, of course, but we're talking about the same game that allows players to knock a guard unconscious without being noticed by the other guard standing two feet away. Some suspension of disbelief is probably in order.

Assuming the RSS is correct, the DLC will be officially revealed on September 8. We've included the RSS description after the break. Be warned that it contains some minor spoilers.