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The HD version of Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker offers nice bonuses beyond sharper graphics and dual analog controls.
Today, Hideo Kojima announced that Peace Walker will feature online co-op (or CO-OPS, as it's known in-game) on Xbox 360 and PS3 via infrastructure mode.

It is possible to play the PSP version online, but to do so requires Sony's "adhocParty" app, and a connection to a PS3 that is using a wired internet connection. This version will be as simple as it is with any other Xbox Live/PSN game. And, Kojima confirmed, it'll run in 60 frames per second even with 4 players.

While you grudgingly admit that you want to buy the games again, now in the HD collection, here's a little perspective: Peace Walker is being sold separately in Japan, but it's just one part of a bundle here.