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Dead Island day-one patch detailed; Steam version to be replaced
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    Dead Island day-one patch detailed; Steam version to be replaced

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    Techland's Dead Island is supplemented today by a day-one patch, which will fix a huge list of issues with the game, ranging from trivial to catastrophic.
    The list after the break, transcribed from a note included with our review copy of the game, does not organize the fixes by priority; "Fixed many issues causing game instability" is toward the middle of the list, under "Volume of pickup's engine has been increased."

    One thing the patch does not fix: the version of the game available on Steam is actually a pre-release development build, including obvious glitches (like the ability to walk through walls) and some undefined variables.

    "We deeply regret that an incorrect version of Dead Island was inadvertently made available to players on Steam launch in North America," publisher Deep Silver said in a statement to Joystiq. "We are very sorry for any issues you may have experienced while playing the game - the correct, patched version will be made available to North American players ASAP." Other territories will receive the correct, patched version on Friday.

    • Fixed maps synchronization when player joined during map load.
    • Fixed saving player re-spawn position when playing in cooperative mode.
    • Fixed occasional inability to complete sidequests in Laboratory.
    • Improved enemy awareness (zombies).
    • Fixed occasional bug with NPC's hands bend (IK)
    • Fixed spawning enemies in some quests after joining coop game.
    • Fixed showing locations on invisible NPCs.
    • Fixed potential walkthrough blocker when quest "Knockin' on heavens door" was completed before talking to Dominik during "On the air" quest.
    • Fixed displaying gather rings near some door.
    • Fixed enemies reaction on fire.
    • Fixed enemies health and stamina bars in coop.
    • Fixed filtering of games in lobby.
    • Volume of pickup's engine has been increased.
    • Fixed many issues causing game instability.
    • Fixed switching maps when player died.
    • Fixed enemies unable to reach player on some arenas.
    • Thrown items cannot be picked up by another player for 5 seconds.
    • Fixed animation glitch when trading (TPP).
    • More than one player can use the same ladder simultaneously.
    • Fixed stomper interruption when target was hit by another player.
    • Fixed infinite spawn of shooting enemies.
    • Fixed not hiding menu if die inside vehicle.
    • Fixed item level calculation when playing second play-through.
    • Added information about players requesting pause (COOP)
    • Fixed AI animation glitch after fast travel or travel through portal.
    • Added distinction between quest checkpoints and other saves.
    • Fixed bug causing all inventory to be lost.
    • Fixed reloading and kicking. After clip was inserted reload is treated as successful.
    • Purna can gain bonus rage from both "Grim Inspiration" and "Inspiring Kick".
    • Only "Walker" type enemies increase the extra XP of the "Combo" skill from Xian's Survival skill tree.
    • Health regeneration was disabled during grab.
    • Focus on items in shops is not changing after operation (sell, buy).
    • More HP for all escorted NPCs;
    • removed all instances of Butcher during escorts.
    • Fixed tracking after loading checkpoint (a few more checkpoints were affected);
    • Increased minimum vertical distance to count a waypoint as passed for NPCs (NPCs should no longer go back and forth).
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    Re: Dead Island day-one patch detailed; Steam version to be replaced

    An unfinished version of Dead Island, the tropical co-op zombie title from Techland, was mistakenly released on Steam in North America. According to Develop, the game’s publisher, Deep Silver, plans on replacing the developer-only version with proper retail code as soon as possible.

    Sleuths on Steam and Dead Island forums uncovered code suggesting that the software was actually a pre-release console build:

    < X b o x L i v e S u b m i s s i o n P r o j e c t V e r s i o n = " 2 . 0 . 5 0 3 3 0 . 0 " x m l n s = " h t t p : / / w w w . x b o x l i v e . c o m / x l a s t " >

    < G a m e C o n f i g P r o j e c t n a m e = " D e a d I s l a n d D i s c X b o x 3 6 0 " t i t l e N a m e = " D e a d I s l a n d D i s c X b o x 3 6 0 " p r o j e c t V e r s i o n = " 1 . 0 0 . 0 9 3 4 . 0 " s c h e m a V e r s i o n = " 1 . 0 8 . 0 0 0 0 . 0 " v a l i d a t e A g a i n s t = " . . \ . . \ . . \ . . \ . . \ U s e r s \ t e c h l a n d \ A p p D a t a \ L o c a l \ M i c r o s o f t \ X b o x L i v e \ 4 B 4 D 0 7 D F . p a r t n e r \ . . \ . . \ 4 B 4 D 0 7 D F . p a r t n e r \ . . \ . . \ 4 B 4 D 0 7 D F . p a r t n e r \ . . \ . . \ 4 B 4 D 0 7 D F . p a r t n e r \ D e a d I s l a n d . x l a s t " c l a s s i f i c a t i o n = " B a s e G a m e " t i t l e I d = " 0 x 4 B 4 D 0 7 D F " m u l t i p l a y e r = " t r u e " t i t l e T y p e = " 1 " a r n = " 0 x 5 5 E 2 C 5 D 2 F 1 4 A F 9 " >

    Other errors and undefined variables in the code could explain the vast array of bugs and multiplayer connectivity issues, as well as the ability to clip through environments with the press of a button. Deep Silver hopes to address a whole host of problems (which have been catalogued by Destructoid) with its day-one patch.

    If you been eagerly awaiting Dead Island ever since its clever debut trailer released in February, you may want to wait a little longer.

    Source: Develop
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