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Batman: Arkham City aims to add replay value with 'New Game Plus' mode
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    Batman: Arkham City aims to add replay value with 'New Game Plus' mode

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    It's a story we've all heard a million times: you play Game X; you love Game X; you find every single item and do everything you possibly can, yet still you crave more.
    Tough, there isn't anything left in Game X. You guzzled Game X when you should've sipped Game X, long and slow, savoring every second.

    It was our problem with Batman: Arkham Asylum, much as we imagine it was a problem for a lot of you. Rocksteady is looking to fix that in Batman: Arkham City with a "New Game Plus" mode, which ramps up the difficulty and modifies a few things for your second go around Crimeburg. Thugs are meaner, boss fights are tougher and Bats will retain all of his XP and gadgets from the first playthrough.

    The difficulty setting for "New Game Plus" isn't customizable -- whether you make it through on normal or hard, the difficulty of "New Game Plus" will be the same. Also, there won't be any counter icons on thugs, but we imagine that won't be a huge deal after you've spent a whole game punching them in the face.
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    Re: Batman: Arkham City aims to add replay value with 'New Game Plus' mode

    Seem interesting but the game better be good or else I won't go near game+.
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    Re: Batman: Arkham City aims to add replay value with 'New Game Plus' mode

    If Arkham Asylum is anything to go by this game will be awesome. I only tried it out of chance thinking it would be the usual super-hero game rubbish and it turned out to be great.

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    Re: Batman: Arkham City aims to add replay value with 'New Game Plus' mode

    im looking forward to this one as well, as for the new game plus, sounds cool so im all for it :)
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    Re: Batman: Arkham City aims to add replay value with 'New Game Plus' mode

    I like the Game itself, but hate the ridiculous Single Ranked Combat Crap, so i will edit the whole Save for sure, to circumvent these... If the Combatsystem itself would not have so much Bugs it would perhaps be funny, but with all the Bugs present it only suxx, they suck too in the Game it self but on these Ranked Crap where you need to get a fixed amount of Points it suxx twice as much because your Combo get resetet for nothing all the Time and if you focus to kill them fast like in the Game you don't get Points anyway, you need to slowly and carefully kill them by using all Gadgets and all single Move and blah blah blah which automatically randomly resets your Combo for sure even if no one hits you... So, nice Game, but very bad Combat System with tons of Bugs... But luckly all Medalshit is easly editable in the Save once you beaten it at least for 1 Medal what is easy, i even get 2 Medals very easy, but the Bugs prevents me to get the others as easy, its more luck than skill and if something is more luck than skill i prefer to hack it instead! ;)

    For me its a clear example of less is mostly more... If they added more Sidemissions instead of that repeating and boring Medals Combat Crap it would have been much better, its my first Batman i buyed and well i find there are not enough Sidemissions, i was finished with all iin No time and found and solved all Riddels for Bat and Cat too relatively fast, so yeah ok there is a NG+ but i so fucking hate this repeating and boring Medals Combat Crap that i will never again buy a Batman Game for sure for Eternity and even after!

    If this Shit would have been left out but instead there would have been ten more Sidemissions i probably would buy the next one too... For me it looks like they put the Crap only because else the Game would have been to short, but thats the wrong way to do it and i punish such Things with not buying the next Release of the Franchise... lol!

    When at least they would fix the obvious Bugs in the Combat System(Bad Respondtime, 75% of Counters ignored even if Timed perfectly, Enemy hitting air but hitting you, Enemy seize to attack in middle of Attack causing to lost Combo, Objects passing trough Enemys without hitting them,.. and mny many more), but i probably don't will wait so long and my Opinion about the Game is already fixed anyway, so the verdict for the next is fallen already too, never again a Batman Game for me!



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