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It's been a busy week for the Nintendo 3DS. Announcements of Monster Hunter and a circle pad expansion have been paired with tons of rumors about possible topics for Nintendo's pre-TGS conference next week. Yoshi, Ace Attorney and more have been suggested. Today three more titles have surfaced as possible candidates, though the source is somewhat suspect.

On NeoGAF, a message board known for leaks and industry insider discussion, a poster claiming to have a scoop on the event suggests new Contra, Castlevania and Fire Emblem games will be revealed.

This might seem suspicious, but we already know a new Contra game is in the works. The suggestion that one is coming isn't much of a stretch. Likewise Castlevania became a regular franchise on the Nintendo DS, so the thought of a new chapter (or perhaps a remake or compilation) isn't all that crazy. The same goes for Fire Emblem, which has seen many chapters arrive in Japan, despite a somewhat spotty release record here in the United States.

At this point we might as well add every major franchise in the games industry to the list of possible announcements at next week's conference. Still, we'll know soon. Keep your eyes on IGN around 8pm PST next Monday night. We'll tell you what the masters of Mario reveal.