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Dead Island Your Opinion
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    Question Dead Island Your Opinion

    What do you guys think of Dead Island? I honestly love it because I'm a zombie fan plus the RPG element helps.

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    Re: Dead Island Your Opinion

    IT's fun as single player and coop

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    Re: Dead Island Your Opinion

    Quote Originally Posted by lonngloo View Post
    IT's fun as single player and coop
    If i could find better weapons hell yea for single :) but coop is beast

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    Re: Dead Island Your Opinion

    Fucking Awesome!

    is not as fun to play alone but in co-op is great!

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    Re: Dead Island Your Opinion

    All zombie related games should be this good. It's the tits!
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    Re: Dead Island Your Opinion

    Honestly I haven't played the co-op much yet because my buddy hasen't been on a lot. Aside from that, modding has made the game's fun factor increase tenfold for me.
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    Re: Dead Island Your Opinion

    I don't have that much friends to play it with because one of my friends is a total d*** he telling everyone that the game play sucks s*** and finding the worse reviews out there to help reinforce his point and the funny thing is he hasn't played the game. He said, "Get Gears of War 3 don't waste your money on Gay Island. Left 4 Dead is better than that."

    Then when he figured out there were some human alive he called it "Alive Island"

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    Re: Dead Island Your Opinion

    i think that is is a intresting game and i am loving the fack that there is not many guns in the game and that they are rare


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