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[REQ] LIMBO Save Editor. (research completed)
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    [REQ] LIMBO Save Editor. (research completed)

    I made this tutorial A WHILE BACK. Can someone spend the probable 10 minutes to make this into a
    This is my tutorial on how to mod Limbo. 
    1. Download this LEGIT 112% Save:
    2. Open in a Hex Editor. 
    (Normally I use HxD)
    3. In ASCII search for "eastereggs"
    *Take note of the number. 4095.*
    4. Open up calculator.
    5. Multiply the amount of percentage THAT YOU WANT TO ADD by 3.
    (I chose 88% to make the save 200%) [88x3=264]
    6. Add that product to the original number of eastereggs. 
    7. Replace the original number of easter eggs with that sum.
    [I swapped 4095 for 4359]
    8. Save it.
    9. Open in Modio.
    10. Put in your id's.
    11. Rehash and resign.
    12. Place on your device. 
    13. Play Limbo
    14. Look at leaderboards.
    15. ?????????
    16. Profit!!
    Here was the pack I have on my hdd: http://www.mediafire.com/?x92gzn8rf2oxgo8#1

    I think this would be VERY easy to complete.

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    Re: [REQ] LIMBO Save Editor. (research completed)

    I thought Limbo was one of the games where altering its leaderboards was rewarded with a ban

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    Re: [REQ] LIMBO Save Editor. (research completed)

    Two mod tool have been made for this game if memory serves correctly

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    Re: [REQ] LIMBO Save Editor. (research completed)

    I can honestly say that I don't know. I just know that I never owned the game and did the research.

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    Re: [REQ] LIMBO Save Editor. (research completed)

    just for future notes,
    there is no need to search the save is a text file.

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    Re: [REQ] LIMBO Save Editor. (research completed)

    I know that it was a text file. I was going to use notepad, but I know it can't handle some hex values, which I didn't know if Limbo generated or not.



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