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Has anyone ever heard of UDK (Unreal Engine Devlopment Kit
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    Has anyone ever heard of UDK (Unreal Engine Devlopment Kit

    I am currently trying to make my own game and I heard of this tool to make it all happen but what I'm asking is are there other tools that anyone has come across other than this UDK I speak of ???

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    Re: Has anyone ever heard of UDK (Unreal Engine Devlopment Kit

    unity and it works for ios android pc xbox 360 (with licenses) http://unity3d.com/
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    Re: Has anyone ever heard of UDK (Unreal Engine Devlopment Kit

    i play D&D 3.5E with it... :D the MD use to make a battlefield...

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    Re: Has anyone ever heard of UDK (Unreal Engine Devlopment Kit

    UDK is great, one of the best tools available and considering its free and updated monthly, its very hard to beat.

    Though one piece of advice I would like to give is start small, learn the basics of the tool then build upon it. DOn't dive deep end first expecting everything to work out.

    Some of my stuff done with UDK

    another good feature is that 3DSMax files import very smoothly over into UDK (3DSMax is far better for Modeling) and has an editor for mobile platforms (iPhone, Android etc)
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