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Question about Saves in General..
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    Question about Saves in General..

    Are most of the saves on this site only for achievement purposes? like the 1k set or whatever.. or are there saves for some games that just take place at certain moments in the game (like after a boss or before the end) or perhaps modded saves that take place at the beginning of a game with tons of cash?

    Again, not for any particular game.. my question is "are most of the saves on this site only for achievement purposes"?

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    Re: Question about Saves in General..

    there are certain saves that can be found here and else where, depending on the game i'd imagine if you requested a certain rank,level, area,etc it could be done...for example when the dead island mod tool came out there were lots of requests for different mixtures of things so try requesting and see, also depending on the game i may be able to get em.

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    Re: Question about Saves in General..

    Well I was asking in regards to a few games..

    for example: I was playing Darksiders and I had just defeated Silitha and had every thing I could get up until that point.. then I signed off one night and somehow or another my saves got corrupted. I looked around for a copy but it doesn't seem like there's any 'working' saves anywhere that aren't "1k set"s

    Other games might include Dragon Age 2, an early save with level 50 and tons of cash (I tried to use the editors but they seem a bit complicated and don't always do what I tell them to do for some reason) but I could probably do this by removing the patch and glitching it..

    Again, it just seems like when I go to hunt for certain saves at random times the best I can locate are the "get 1000 achievement points" sets..

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    Re: Question about Saves in General..

    Game save really depends you know. Majority of people only upload achievement saves. If you need a save for a game at a particular point, try request for it and if someone has it I am sure they will share.
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    Re: Question about Saves in General..

    My Darksiders save is on the Black throne level ( havent played it in ages so not sure how much further through I am to you), so will be happy to stick it on here if you want it. Also has the Abyssal armour amour unlocked and a boat load of credits.

    As for Dragon Age 2, up your save and one of us will mod it for you. I still have the editor on my PC as I only recently went through it again myself.

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    Re: Question about Saves in General..

    As it was stated above, go ahead and make a request for a save, this is one of the rare sites that one more people will always try and help you out. All of the saves that I upload were mostly complete save achievement sets that I had collected over the years but I also have a lot of misc saves lying around. Save sets can also be helpful if your save becomes unusable, as generally you can pick one of the saves to put you at a specific point in the game or close to where you may have been.

    Before you delete a corrupt save, see if someone here may be able to help. There are many very talented people on this site who like to help.



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