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    For unknow reasons the XEALGORITHM don't work. But sirfing in the web I found this version fix it!!
    I use this program to mod the Bayonetta Save with the first save editor why without this program the xbox 360 says "corrupt file"

    It's a Win32 application

    Only open the .rar file and ready!


    Please comment

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    Re: XEALGO FIX IT!!!

    Thank you, but what all games does this tool support?

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    Re: XEALGO FIX IT!!!

    when you open it it has a list of games, I only use to mod the Bayonetta's save but It needs to mod other saves I think

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    Re: XEALGO FIX IT!!!

    it still doesnt works at all....
    is there another way to fix it...
    my OS is XP SP3...

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    Re: XEALGO FIX IT!!!

    Thanks for this, still working on Bayonetta :)

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    Re: XEALGO FIX IT!!!

    NICE. It fixed the crashed problem.

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    Re: XEALGO FIX IT!!!

    This is pretty cool. I fully support anything that has user-modifiable XML that anyone can edit

    I can add a couple more games to the list:

    <game title="Perfect Dark Zero" type="CRC32" location="0" start="4" staticsize="true" size="5717" mod="0"/>
    <game title="Dark Souls" type="MD5" location="393200" start="0" staticsize="true" size="393200" mod="0"/>



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