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Codemasters shutting down Bodycount developer
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    Codemasters shutting down Bodycount developer

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    Codemasters is preparing to close down its Guildford studio, which was responsible for Bodycount.
    The shuttering will affect the 66 employees, who were informed today about the 30-day consultation shut-down period (based on the studio's size), required by UK law.

    "As we look to take greater leadership in the racing category, Codemasters is proposing a studio structure that adds resource and strengthens our best-in-class racing teams," a company spokesperson said in a statement. Those being laid off are being "encouraged" to apply for positions at Codemasters' Warwickshire HQ (Dirt, Grid, F1 Online) and the Birmingham studio, which is working on a new racing IP.

    Bodycount's "poor design choices and lack of any compelling moments" didn't sit well with us, nor with critics in general, and earned it a Metacritic score in the low-50s. The game premiered in 36th place on the UK charts two weeks ago, then disappeared. It's a IP that's not likely to be heard from again.
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    Re: Codemasters shutting down Bodycount developer

    have you guys seen this game in action?

    I cant believe it got published!! lol

    check out this accurate review of the game...sad, so sad really :(


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    Re: Codemasters shutting down Bodycount developer

    I got this from gamefly on Tuesday. Played it for about 3 hours and could not stand it anymore. Guess I should've paid more attention to the reviews.

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    Re: Codemasters shutting down Bodycount developer

    Regardless of how bad the game can be, it's always sad that all those people are losing their jobs because of someone's poor choices on gameplay and overall design....at the end of the days these people are just like anyone of us....they need jobs to sustain their families.

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    Re: Codemasters shutting down Bodycount developer

    Haha, wow. I could tell this game was trash from the demo, not surprising to hear they're being canned. I do feel bad for them though. The game was just absolutely nothing special.

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    Re: Codemasters shutting down Bodycount developer

    Played through the first mission and hated it, the whole thing just felt cheap and awkward. With so many good FPS games out there at the mo this one never really stood a chance.

    John is right though, it does kinda suck for the people who will be out of work now because of it.

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    Re: Codemasters shutting down Bodycount developer

    Damn. They'll probably be fine. They individually have the to be picked up by other studios.

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    Re: Codemasters shutting down Bodycount developer

    Bah ! I knew it from the start when they called it "Bodycount" thats gonna be another bland, poor, un-inspired first person shooter with no potential ... I think companies dried out FPS Genre of games, now they are doing it with Fighting games, released a HUGE AMOUNT of them, lets start: BlazBlue, Arcana Heart 3, King of Fighters XIII, SSF4 AE, MvC3, UMvC3, Soul Calibur V, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Street fighter x Tekken, Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi, Naruto blah-blah-something, Supremacy MMA, WWE 12 (oh god, after buying and playing 4 copies of each previous years im losing my faith in franchise, its like im buying same **** every f***** year for 50 bucks, and all of i get new is Road to Wrestlemania as new characters n slightly better/worse graphics... im sorry for this rant)... and the list goes on...

    P.S. I WAS WRONG !!! yes, there is a tons of fighting games, but each focuses on their universe (Martial Arts, Magic, Mix, Weapon Based and etc) so im sorry

    P.S.S. Bodycount is a trash, so dont buy this game, and im no surprised that developer has been shut down
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