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Did you miss out on Tribes: Ascend at PAX Prime this year? Don't sweat it, because developer Hi-Rez Studios is looking to conduct an open beta, one you can get in on within the next couple weeks.
You can sign your name on the dotted line by heading over to the game's official website.

The initial beta run will showcase four different multiplayer maps from the free-to-play title -- beta testers get to sample two different game types and three vehicles across these four maps, including a smorgasbord of 12 of the game's classes. And if you don't get in on the beta at first, there's still hope: Hi-Rez says it will "continue to increase the number of beta participants through the end of this year in preparation for a general game release in Q1 of 2012." Plus, like, jetpacks. Is there anything else worth patiently waiting for? We've been doing that our entire life!