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Dead Island DLC Wishlist
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    Dead Island DLC Wishlist

    For a DLC I hope they could make like a whole new story or aftermath of the story. And a whole s***load of zombie massacring weapon of destruction.

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    Re: Dead Island DLC Wishlist

    I agree, i'd love to never stop playing this game. I still haven't beat it yet thought. I am at like 63% complete and level 31 so far. I love to explore, a new campaign with a lot more weapons be nice, also a way to perhaps take off mods on weapons so different once can be applied. Hate having to get a new weapon if I want a different mod on it.

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    Re: Dead Island DLC Wishlist

    I would love to have more control of the weapon modding...
    Like having a Toxic High Shock Machete (but it would have to be balanced; example- lvl 2 shock mod + lvl 1 poison mod or 2 lvl 2 mods).

    Oh and of course a difficulty setting...
    Normal, Survival of the fittest, and Death Defying (Survival you get to die like 20-25 times then restart & Death Defying you get 5 deaths then restart
    { that's for each map / chapter } )

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    Re: Dead Island DLC Wishlist

    I agree with scoobs, the ability to put multiple mods on a weapon would be fantastic. Kinda limiting as it is right now. Or at the very least, I'd like the ability to disassemble modified weapons to get materials back.

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    Re: Dead Island DLC Wishlist

    I wonder how the Bloodbath Arena going to be like competing of who will rise to the top with the most kills, dismemberment of limbs, bullets used, round survived, zombie types killed and if you get to a certain round you get award with extremely powerful weapons. If you make it to round one and die you get a cookie for trying and round two you get a gun that shoots bubbles.



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