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Battlefield3 mw3
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    yush Battlefield3 mw3

    I never thought id say this but im accualy hyped up for battlefield3 even tho i had the worst expirences on bad company 2 mw3 looks like the same thing as 2 anybody second this?

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    Re: Battlefield3 mw3

    I totally agree with you, however I had a blast on Bad Company 2. MW3 definitely does look like yet another rehash of the same old game, in fact it looks like they just made an expansion for MW2.

    Oct 25th can't come quick enough.

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    Re: Battlefield3 mw3

    I've always sort of preferred BF over MW, although I don't hate either as I'll play both but MW is just milking it now.

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    Re: Battlefield3 mw3

    Well, I hope the best for BF... I'm waiting it from BF 2 on PC... MW3 will be the same thing of its predecessor with more features... As COD:BO was.... As COD:MW2 was... As COD:WaW was...
    The good thing is that we can have the BF Open Beta within days...



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