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Ubisoft's second wave of Kinect games: More casual, mainstream experiences
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    Ubisoft's second wave of Kinect games: More casual, mainstream experiences

    This time last year, we all waited with bated breath for the launch of Microsoft's Kinect, a new peripheral for the Xbox 360 that promised to turn you into the controller.
    Some of us feared a freezing in Carbonite like Han Solo, only to be melted down into our core components to be physically constructed into plastic controllers. The more sane anticipated good times flailing and jumping around in front of the TV.

    Ubisoft expected a hit and it was dead-on. Microsoft ended up selling 10 million Kinects fairly quickly and Ubisoft established itself as the top third-party publisher on Kinect. As you can imagine, this made senior VP of sales and marketing at Ubisoft, Tony Key, very happy.

    Nearly a year later, Ubisoft is preparing nine new Kinect titles. The focus this time around is catering to the mainstream audience Ubisoft sees as Kinect's base -- a variety of games that will leverage brands and experiences Ubisoft sees as enjoyable for just about everyone.
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    Re: Ubisoft's second wave of Kinect games: More casual, mainstream experiences

    Yes! More Dance Central, Dance Dance Paradise, Put other Dancing Game, MJ 2, oh yeah i hope they are not planning to release another Kinect Adventures or Kinect Sports.... OH YEAH !!! THERE IS TOTALLY GONNA BE KINECTIMALS 2 now even more tigers, bears, still no dogs or dragons XD
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