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IGN's Star Fox Twitter Contest

Fire up Photoshop, win Star Fox 64 3D.

Through the persuasion of intergalactic space battles (and a little creativity) Nintendo has sent roughly half of the animal kingdom into orbit in the recent Star Fox 64 3D. But what about the other half? Why do foxes, frogs, wolves (and whatever the hell kind of bird Falco is) get to have all the fun when there are hundreds of thousands of other animals out there just dying to go to space and shoot each other? Well, that's where you come in! Open up your Photoshop, MS Paint or just break out some pens and pads and show us YOUR best depictions of the other animals you want to see in Star Fox. Show us your Star Aardvarks, Star Otters, Star Pandas and more as they dogfight in space or just lounge around in their Arwings. We'll pick the best three entries and the winners will each receive a copy of Star Fox 64 3D. Easy, right?

How to enter:
Tweet @IGN with the hashtag #IGNStarFox and a link to your star animal Photoshop or drawing using an image uploading site. The funniest or best looking entries will end up in a gallery on where the winners will be revealed. Anyone can enter for a chance to have their Star Animal featured on IGN, but you must be 18 and live in the United States in order to be eligible to win a copy of Star Fox 64 3D. Do a barrel roll!