Tomonobu Itagaki, a name which strikes fear into the heart's of even the most seasoned gamers. Creator of one of the hardest series of games known to man, Itagaki has just become a playable character in THQ's upcoming sandbox game that will be the greatest thing since Half-Life 2, Saints Row 3.

Whilst Itagaki will not be featured specifically as an NPC, a pre-existing model will be apart of the game's expansive character creation system. With being able to create your own avatar or simply something that is ridiculous like a purple skinned man with a yellow pimp hat and a UK accent...just saying you can.

An upcoming project, Devil's Third is Tomonobu Itagaki's latest venture into gaming and is being published by THQ. He left Team Ninja recently after a falling out with Tecmo, a long time partner and developer. Saints Row: The Third takes place in the all-new city of Steelport as the Saints leave Stilwater to expand their empire and I cannot wait till it gets unleashed in November...