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Gears 3 Beta Unlocks Question
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    Gears 3 Beta Unlocks Question

    (First post!)

    I missed the first two weeks of the beta..

    It is my goal/dream to obtain every available weapon skin for Gears of War 3. It is not, however, fair for Epic to make their flaming weapons available for the beta exclusively. I pre-ordered a few weeks too late and missed out on the flaming Hammerburst and Lancer weapon skins, and didn't think doing so would be a huge deal (the beta only really advertised that you could unlock the gold retro lancer and cole train character in the retail). That being said, I've done some digging and have noticed that some of you've managed to copy the gamesaves of the betas (with everything unlocked) and even put together some tutorials on how to do so. While I'm grateful for such, a few questions have been raised in my mind that a few have brought up but have never been properly addressed:

    1) Do the save, indeed, include the flaming weapon skins? If not, where can I find a save that includes them?
    2) Have they been tested with the leaked/pre-released copies?
    3) Will Epic find out what I have done, and proceed to ban or suspend my account?

    Any information on my questions would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Gears 3 Beta Unlocks Question

    I tried with a few different beta savedata, and none of them do anything...
    I don't have the .gpd so I gues that's the problem.
    I grabbed TU1 this morning, but it didn't change the beta unlocks for me.

    So what's needed is a .gpd with a save and all beta stuff unlocked, anybody got one of those kicking arond?
    I wold love getting me a flaming lancer :D

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    Re: Gears 3 Beta Unlocks Question

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    Re: Gears 3 Beta Unlocks Question

    The title update has already been released. I guess I just need someone with a legit copy to test the save by modding the save from their profile.

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    Re: Gears 3 Beta Unlocks Question

    Also, this seems legit but I won't be the one to test it.




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