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Pre-Ordering Games
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    anger Pre-Ordering Games

    Where do you all pre-order your games? I pre order mine from Amazon because they have release date shipping and total always hits $60.98 and every now and then I get -20 dollar promotional.

    I use to pre-order from gamestop but you end up be itpaying $6-$9 more for the stupid game and have to drive out and get it. If I could get for instance Gears of War 2 for $60.98 and it arrives at my house date of release why would I go to Gamestop and buy the same game for $67-$69? Im in California so maybe its just our states taxes? Still Though.

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    Re: Pre-Ordering Games

    I actually pre-order at game stop. Sure they may make you pay 5$ extra but it's not a big deal. I get my game with no worries of there not being any left. Sure i have to go get it but hey, I live right next to game stop. But that's just me...

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    Re: Pre-Ordering Games

    I have gears 2 pre ordered on amazon thats here already, got battlefield 3 pre-ordered as well as Oblivion so I got quite a few months set up and they will automatically just arrive. I hate traveling to stores personally to go get crap rather then just have it pop in my mail box the same day.

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    Re: Pre-Ordering Games

    Like the OP I preorder mine from Amazon. get it on the release date for only 99 cents shipping /handling , skip the hassle of going to the store and save on sales tax and special charges such as gamestop imposes.

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    Re: Pre-Ordering Games

    I preorder games at amazon and gamestop, they have both done good jobs for me so either one is good but for the most part i preordering at gamestop so i can get power points XD
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    Re: Pre-Ordering Games

    I pre-order from Amazon.com. Release-day arrival is sweet (and free to Prime subscribers, or at least I've never been charged for it). But, I only pre-order games I know I can't wait for. Otherwise, with high-profile games you're often better off waiting a week or two when you can usually find them at a steep discount.

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    Re: Pre-Ordering Games

    I've always pre-ordered at Shopto, That's a UK online retailer, Mostly because of the great service they give, and i usually get my games 1-2 days early than release date.

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    Re: Pre-Ordering Games

    I usually pre-order from Game.co.uk or Amazon.co.uk and I don't even live in the UK but even with the shipping I still save like 10-15 euro's ($13-20) per game. ^_^ Plus I don't really care about being able to play it on release date so I don't mind waiting a few days for the game to arrive.



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