Nobody joined so i' am now closed... for now.

Am hosting a Motion Flex V1 Lobby and need 3 players just ask for invite. Am going to be in this game for while so a might go away at times.

Controls: Once verified, while aiming down the sights you have to knife and RT+LT are to scroll up and down X is to select and it the bottom of the menu it will give you the option to go back and knife is to get off the mod menu so a shouldn't be getting any messages on how do you this and that. RULES If you annoy me or get in my way and be a **** basically I' will put you in jail until a feel your are allowed out. If it comes to the worst a will put anti-leave on and leave you in jail until the end of the game and take getting put in jail as your first warning!. There will NOT be a second warning!.

If you do not get invited it means a have a full lobby so be patient and a will invite you.

While you wait, enjoy this video :)