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Investor and financial site 247 Wall Street have produced a list of eight companies whose employees are apparently losing hope. The list includes Nintendo because the site believes that their lead in the console race has been lost and they’re under threat by the mobile arena. Do you think Nintendo employees are actually losing hope?

Nintendo’s once nearly insurmountable lead in the video console sector has been lost, and its sales have fallen further and further behind rivals Microsoft and Sony . The rise of the Google Android operating system has also encouraged video game publishers to make more products that run on that platform. The 2010 market share of Nintendo DS fell from 70% in 2009 to 57%. Nintendo’s growth has also been damaged by the rise of the iPad and iPhone. The future is even grimmer. “iSuppli predicts Nintendo will sell 70 million 3DS gaming systems by 2015, a figure that is 21 million less than the 91 million in sales racked up by the original DS at the same point in its sales cycle,” according to the Unofficial Apple Weblog. Nintendo announced an unexpected quarterly loss on July 28 and its shares plunged 20%. The stock is down from a 52-week high of 26,780 yen to 11,850 yen. In late 2007, shares reached 80,000 yen