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Tattoo'd again~ How many do you have :o
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    Tattoo'd again~ How many do you have :o

    Just recently on my birthday September 11th (yeeeaaah I know...) I decided to get my second tattoo. Yaaaay! ..... It's been almost 8 years since I got my last one so I was reminded of how much that freakn hurt! lol. Especially near the bone.... The story about this particular tattoo is that my cousin that had visited while on leave from the military, was all amped to get all us female cousins together and get a tattoo with the same phrase in Kanji... Only to not call any of us on the planned date because she went drinking all night.... So me and my sister picked out a design with that phrase and went on my birthday to get it :D I also paid for hers as a graduation present for her CMA. Its pretty with cherry blossoms that flow down the sides of the Kanji. Mine was place right about my right ankle bone. I'd put up a pic of mine if I could. The phrase says "Lord give me the strenth"

    I only have 2 tattoos, older sister and younger sister has like 5-7 -_-;; I think getting tattoos is like an addiction for them lol.

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    Re: Tattoo'd again~ How many do you have :o

    Haven't got one yet but I should be soon!

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    Re: Tattoo'd again~ How many do you have :o

    Just one, a biohazard symbol on my right wrist.
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    Re: Tattoo'd again~ How many do you have :o

    Just one: a shiny green sword down my right shoulder. Also, pics please! That would make this thread. I'll post pics of mine when I my camera back from my buddy.

    Also, are you certain that's what it means? If it's kanji, people often write one thing and think it means something else. For instance, I once met a guy who had the kanji for "rock" and "on" right next to each other; he meant for it to say "rock on" (like the music) but instead it read "rock on" (like the mineral, and then the word that means to be on top of something). So it still said "rock on" but not even in the context that he was hoping. And he got that from the tattoo shop! Just be careful with kanji. ;)
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    Re: Tattoo'd again~ How many do you have :o

    Want to get an inverted cross on my upper spine but the guy is not too fast on getting to it.
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    Re: Tattoo'd again~ How many do you have :o

    I've had my sons name on my right arm (elbow to wrist) and when my daughter is born i'll be having a matching one put on my left arm. And it is addictive, i'm looking at what i can add to the names as we speak..

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    Re: Tattoo'd again~ How many do you have :o

    I have 10 in total. Cobra on a dagger on my right calf, skull and cross on my upper right arm, skull on my upper left arm, eight ball with cigar on my right wrist, the word deviant on my inner lower right arm, flames containing skulls on my lower left arm, Celtic pattern on my inner lower left arm, barbed wire below my right elbow, a bar code on the back of my neck and a skull in a cross on my lower outer right arm
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    Re: Tattoo'd again~ How many do you have :o

    My arms are pretty much covered and I've got 2 stars on my chest (that I had done for a bet lol). Still want plenty more work doing yet though.


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