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Crimson Alliance
for Xbox Live Arcade will spring into action once again with the "Vengeance Pack" on October 12 for 240 Microsoft Points ($3).
The DLC includes a more challenging mini-campaign of four levels and a challenge map with new mode "Fistful of Coins."

FoC has players tasked with surviving wave after wave of beast, collecting gold as they go along. The group can leave and bank their loot at any time, which will help them ascend the leaderboards, but if they die, they'll lose everything. It's Crimson Alliance meets the masochism of Demon's Souls.

Certain Affinity president Max Hoberman said, "When we finished the game back in May we had a few months to wait before the Summer of Arcade was over. So we devoted ourselves to building the kind of maps that we wanted to play: fiendishly difficult ones that are perfect for co-op."

"We built Crimson Alliance to be expandable," Tim Fields, director of business development at Certain Affinity told us this afternoon. "For those who felt they went through the original campaign and thought it wasn't challenging enough, the Vengeance Pack is for them."