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Leaked details of next Dead Space games come to light
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    Leaked details of next Dead Space games come to light


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    Visceral and EA are being tight lipped at the moment but there are rumours floating around that EA is working on a third title in the space-action franchise. An Israeli news show did a recent report on EA Games and in the offices a Dead Space 3 poster was seen and a futher investigation from Siliconera has revealed a few amazing details about the game.

    Rather than predominently having time spent on a spaceship like the previous games, the new game will have a linear, but free-roaming vibe on an icy planet known as Tau Volantis, which will probably be a mix between Silent Hill and Hoth. Issac crash lands on the planet believing Ellie to still be alive and begins to confront has past as he searches through the tundra. The game will feature a new character name Jennifer to guide you through the experience and then follow it up with a new set of creatures simply known as the "hive mind"

    I've studied semiotics and literature at Uni and just to get it out of the way Tau, in biblical terms, was a mark or sign to distinguish those from who sinned and those who didn't, and Volantis is classic latin for the want or need to fly, so Isaac could be set up, thematically in a good place...unless of course this is all BS and we'll be stuck on a stupid rotting spaceship next fall...
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    Re: Leaked details of next Dead Space games come to light

    Hopefully Dead Space isn't a trilogy. This sounds like a great addition to the series, but a horrible place to end it (considering the other three games all centered around Necromorphs and Markers, and this one will seemingly have nothing to do with the two). Here's hoping the game is as great as DS2, as well as have a better ad campaign (seriously, "Your Mom Will Hate It" was the worst ad campaign I've heard in years).
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