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AP2.5 Question
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Thread: AP2.5 Question

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    AP2.5 Question

    So before this new dashboard update, I was playing Assassin's Creed Brotherhood (RETAIL) which I know this game has the AP2.5. So after the dashboard update, and having my CFW wiped out it still worked fine. So when I reflashed to lt 1.9+ on a Benq drive, it stopped working. It just stays black screen.

    Does this mean I am going have to rip the game, than patch it with abgx, and burn it to a verbatim dl dvd?

    Cause i'd really rather not, I am not to worried missing up my copy of games since I always download my games to hdd anyways.

    Thank you

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    Re: AP2.5 Question

    I would say it's just a bad flash, because my retail CoD: BO has always worked for me.

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    Re: AP2.5 Question

    I doubt it. I am playing fine with all non AP2.5 games, not a single problem. If it was a bad flash they wouldn't work.

    Also do you have the latest lt+. Cause it's possible you and I are on different versions.

    I am not talking about any lt + below 1.9 this is the 1.9 after newdash update. It has always worked fine for me in past, and I flash myself. So i know it wasn't me who fucked up.

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    Re: AP2.5 Question

    Well, in the latest dashboard update (13599) it seems like Microsoft changed the AP 2.5 challenge to something they call AP 2.6 or something (?), so C4Eva updated the LT+ version to 1.91, which has defeated all the AP 2.5 and 2.6 challenges. If you can, you should update to LT+ 1.91 right away, because LT+ 1.9 doesn't work on the latest one. I think LT+ 1.9 only works up to the one before that, forgot to exact version number though.

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    Re: AP2.5 Question

    Thank you, the problem with me is I have one those drives that doesn't do AP2.5 checks, thought for some odd reason it is spoofed to be a lite-on... Thank you microsoft for refurbishing my system, and ruining the drive.

    Is there 1.91 for Samsung? Cause I looked all over and can't seem to find it. Only for Benq. This is my current situtation.... why would someone spoof this drive to lite-on is beyond me unless it was drive replacement and the xbox 360 originally had lite-on in it.

    Is there anything that can be done to the drive to make it check ap2.5? or am I just screwed? If that is case I guess i'll go and trade in all my retail ap2.5 games, since they wouldn't work anyways.

    EDIT: This can be locked I solved my problem. As stated above samsung ms28 drive doesn't do AP2.5 checks as well as probably XGD3 games. So i took my old Benq drive that does this checks and spoofed it as lite-on, and with 2.0 lt. AP2.5 games work great now, and soon going test XGD3 games.

    Thank you for all your help
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