I have a 40" HD TV of Philips, and I don't have this issue with ANY OTHER GAME.

When I start CVX, at the Capcom logo screen, the TV will make a horrid noise, as if it's stuck there, and then I have to turn the TV off and back on to fix it. (Think of it as a computer freeze where you get a BSOD while playing a video or music, the sound will hang up, and make a "BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ" sound basically until you power it off).

Again; This does not occur in ANY other game, but it does for this one. Is there anyone else who has experienced this, or does anyone know what might be causing it?

I asked the same question on GameFAQs Board, and someone mentioned he heard a loud audio pop when starting the game, but it went away for him.

Is there some kind of bug in the gamecode that can cause this? Would redownloading the game fix it?