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Atlus pushes medieval action game back to October 25 debut; Kylotonn-developed title to be available on disc for Xbox 360, PS3, downloadable on PC.
The titular hex of Atlus' Cursed Crusade is supposed to apply solely to the game's protagonists, but that jinx may cover its release date as well. Originally set for a summer release, Atlus earlier this year delayed the game until October 11. Today the publisher acknowledged the game would not be making that date, either.

Have fun storming the castle!

Fortunately, this delay for the Kylotonn-developed medieval action game is relatively brief, as the game is now expected to arrive in stores for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on October 25. A PC version has also been confirmed to debut on Steam at the same time. When it launches, Cursed Crusade is expected to sell for $40.
A third-person action game, Cursed Crusade focuses on two ill-fated protagonists: The templar knight Denz and the rogue mercenary Esteban. Both men are caught up in the midst of the Fourth Crusade to the Holy Land, but they share a different reason for undertaking the quest--to free themselves of a curse that imperils their very souls.
Cursed Crusade will offer both split-screen and online cooperative play for two players. Its storyline will have five chapters and span 40 missions. Combat will have an emphasis on melee attacks, with more than 130 deadly weapons to choose from and 90-plus combos.