First off, all these are just from personal experience.


Well, it has changed a little bit since Gears of War 2. Lets start with the chainsaw, it now pulls up faster, which can be useful. The chainsaw also cannot be knocked down when full revved. It also appears that the fire rate is higher, though not confirmed. Remember how difficult it was to take someone down with it? The Lancer has now received a slight upgrade in damage which makes it more useful then it previously was.

Tips: Use this to slow down a runner or take someone down for a difference, although I would advise not to use it in Execution or Wingman, as downing someone at range is not useful.

I don't have much experience with this gun yet but from my used I have discovered it is truly a medium/long range weapon, quite powerful and accurate. Now never try it at close range, you won't do well the majority of the time.

Tips: Same as the Lancer, except for the fact its not as well at slowing people down.

Retro Lancer
Now this is my personal favorite. Use this at short/medium range, never try it at long range, nothing but wasting ammo. It is quite efficient for slowing someone down, and getting downs at short range. The charge can be effective on unsuspecting opponents, but its suicide if they see you. This is also a great weapon for Horde, seeing as you can charge to save ammo, normal melee to get rid of tickers and polyps.

Tips: Great for Horde, and close quarters combat, the charge is also useful to save ammo.

Gnasher Shotgun Shotgun
Effective medium to close range shotgun. Packs alot of power, and can take down people if they try to run. I suggest aiming in with this as hipfire can be difficult. This is a quite popular in Gears as to its slightly unrealistic range, and power.

Tips: Stay stealthy with this, you'll find a higher success rate.

Sawed-off Shotgun
My favorite shotgun, to be treated/thought of as a melee weapon. The sawed-off has almost no range, but an insane amount of power. The best thing with this gun is to stay stealthy, and hide around corners. A mantle kick is the very effective, it puts you in range, and your opponent immobilized.

Tips: This is a melee weapon, it has virtually no range.

Easy Team Insignia Camo's

Go to Versus menu, select private, then Capture the Leader.
For the settings...
Rounds to Win: 1
Number of Bots: 1
Time to Capture: 10
Map Selection: Host Chooses.
Then just make sure your controller doesn't die, and let your matches played go up.
Note: This will kill your W/L ratio.

Easy Execution Unlocks

Go to Versus menu, select private, then Capture the Leader.
For the settings...
Rounds to Win: 15
Number of Bots: Fill
Time to Capture: 60
Bot Difficulty: Casual
Map Selection: Host Chooses.

Then set the weapons on the to whatever you want the execution for, and go bot killing.
Note: Turn on friendly fire if you want to keep time going, although you'll still have plenty of time.

Easy Medic Medal
Credit to abboz

1. Set up a private match with a gnasher on all spawns
2. 3 bots
3. Capture the leader
4. On the map of your choosing, good ones are, (Gridlock, Mercy, & Thrashball)
5. And friendly fire
6. Put it on like 2 rounds
7. Mow when u start it up shoot your leader with the gnasher and revive him, you will gain good xp for this, it will take around 20k score to max it out.
8. It is a tedious game but it goes way faster then doing it in a normal vs match, it will take around a half hour

Credit does not go to me.