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Dead Island weapon damage editing
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    Dead Island weapon damage editing

    Now that most of us have had a chance to mod weapon color /level(thnx to jappi/kill_seth/turk645..and others) now has anyone found how to change the actual base weapon damage or is it linked to the weapon level only?

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    Re: Dead Island weapon damage editing

    That is not stored in the gamesave. As far as I can tell, the only way to mod that is by ISO modding.

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    Re: Dead Island weapon damage editing

    ok well i thought it migh be tied to the hex bytes after the mod location kinda like the color is ...
    thanx seth

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    Re: Dead Island weapon damage editing

    I accept that it may be just down to my own ignorance on the subject, but I don't see how there can be no information related in any way to the base specs of weapons stored in the save games.

    Put it this way, if there is no info in the save games defining how the game attributes damage specs to weapons, how is it that, on two successive playthroughs, using the same character at the same level with the same skills, I can acquire two Tijuana Machete's with different stats and have those differences clearly stored in the save game?

    If there was no stored information on weapons in the save game other than the weapon name, level and colour, then, in the above scenario, stats for both copies should be identical. But they are not.

    So what in the save game is storing those differences and, subsequently, is telling the game itself to make them different...?

    EDIT: I'm not suggesting with the above that any of this allows one to be able to directly define specific stats for weapons. Just that there is something is stored in the save game that affects the stats that are applied.



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