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Rocksteady Studios may have said that there would be no more character reveals for Batman: Arkham City after the Robin trailer, but that doesn't mean playable characters won't be added to the game somewhere down the line as downloadable content.

An updated list of the trophies that can be obtained in the game's PS3 version reveals that fan-favorite and former Robin, Nightwing, will be joining the fight against Arkham City's many villains. The Nightwing-related trophies are part of a ten-trophy set accompanying an as-yet-unnamed DLC pack.

The main campaign can only be played as either Batman or Catwoman, while the pre-order exclusive Robin will be playable in the challenge maps. The trophies seem to suggest that Nightwing will only be playable in ranked and campaign maps included in the DLC, although he may also be playable in other challenge maps.

Batman: Arkham City comes out on PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 two weeks from now. Rocksteady has said before that there will be content parity across all of the game's versions, so while trophies are only for the PS3 version we can expect Nightwing to appear on the PC and Xbox 360 versions as well.