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With the new release of C4eva's 0800 v3 PC FW for 'BenQ' and 'Fat LiteOn' drives, Redline99 has now released a new version of Xbox Backup Creator:

*** NOTE *** This build of XBC does not support older Xtreme ripping firmwares (Kreon drives are still supported though). Use abgx360 at for more thorough Stealth Checking

What's new/fixed:
* Changed - Auto spindle speeds when error occur
* Added - XGD3 and AP25 Support
* Added - Title Assets Check when ripping or burning xgd3
* Added - DAE.bin file reading in association of AP25 disc
* Added - Ability to rescan drives (ctrl-s)
* Added - Support for iXtreme v3 BenQ
* Added - Support for iXtreme v3 Liteon

It is advised that you start XBC without a DVD in the drive.
DAE.bin file selection is up to the user to maintain.
XBC will use whatever DAE.bin file is in the same directory as the exe.

*UPDATE* NOTE: Burning xgd3 is not supported yet in XBC, this release is for ripping only. Use ImgBurn manually following tutorials from outside of XBC. XGD3 stealth checks not supported either, use abgx360 when available.
Official Site: (n/a By Redline99)
Download (*Updated ReadMe*): here
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