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After some were upset that Namco Bandai changed the contents of the Dark Souls collector's edition, now it looks like many fans won't be getting the collector's edition at all.
Co-optimus reports that online retailer Newegg didn't receive any copies of the collector's edition at all, while it appears that Best Buy's supply isn't enough to satisfy all pre-orders.

To rectify the situation, Newegg will be offering $20 gift cards to all those who pre-ordered the game, while Best Buy will offer $20 cards for anyone who doesn't receive their collector's edition as expected. Kind of a bummer, to be sure, but as Co-optimus points out, twenty bucks is almost enough to buy the full, printed Dark Souls guide, which features more content than the digital mini-guide included with the collector's edition.

The art book, however, can't be replaced, which is unfortunate because there really are some spectacular designs in the game.