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How To Edit Dark Souls (Souls/Humanity)
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    bad egg How To Edit Dark Souls (Souls/Humanity)

    Went ahead and made a High Quality Video for those that could not makeout the other stream video that was made on 360haven.com.


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    Re: How To Edit Dark Souls (Souls/Humanity)

    Nice Tut man works great.


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    Re: How To Edit Dark Souls (Souls/Humanity)

    daaaamn RUBBERS. Haven't talked to yo ass in SO long! Nice tut :P
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    My signature won't fit. :(

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    Re: How To Edit Dark Souls (Souls/Humanity)

    why Credit Se7ensins.com? just wondering

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    Re: How To Edit Dark Souls (Souls/Humanity)

    Good tut man you swear as much as i do

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    Re: How To Edit Dark Souls (Souls/Humanity)

    what did you clic on in your bookmark?? im confused on that part

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    Re: How To Edit Dark Souls (Souls/Humanity)

    Quote Originally Posted by Ninja_Kidic View Post
    what did you clic on in your bookmark?? im confused on that part
    Explain please because I did not understand what you just wrote.

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    Re: How To Edit Dark Souls (Souls/Humanity)

    He/she may be confused as to where you got your bookmark file, in which case, I say to them, go to this vid on youtube, and the needed files are in a megaupload link in the vid's description.

    If its confusion as to why your bookmarks are in a different alignment on the screen: Just look for your souls first, if you remember the number. The value box before it is your humanity, if I recall correctly. <=NVM this is wrong


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