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Peter Moore, Electronic Arts chief operating officer has told news publication Reuters that the company is extremely impressed with Wii U and has made a commitment to Nintendo to bring all their key franchises to the new platform.

“There are no indications that there’s anything that feels like it’s off target,”

“From our perspective right now, specs are a big deal,” he said, adding that during his trip [to Nintendo], he will looking to find out more about the gadget’s graphic and computer processing units, its price and when it might be shipped.”

“No one thinks its going to replace an iPad 2 but it is playing into what a consumer feels comfortable with.”

“In the past, publishers have backed away from dedicating too much content to Nintendo platforms, since the Japanese company tended to use its consoles to push its own software titles. But make no mistake, EA is on board with the Wii U.”

“Our teams are working on it around the world. Our key franchises will be there. We’ve made that commitment to Nintendo.”