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Warhammer 40K: Space Marine
's free "Exterminatus" co-op DLC will kill in service to the Emperor on October 25, according to Eurogamer.
The DLC includes two, four-player scenarios that pit the Space Marines (or "SPACE MARINES!" as you'll incessantly hear throughout the whole game) against Orks and Chaos. Relic is reportedly working on more content for the game, which will be released as free and premium DLC sometime in the future, certainly sometime before 40K.

Relic is better known for using the Warhammer 40K universe on its Dawn of War real-time strategy series. Space Marine, Relic's new, more action-oriented take, fittingly launched into the hell of end-of-year game retail and is apparently surviving. In our review we found the studio's "expertise can extend far past the RTS genre they've already conquered" and the game has held steady on the UK sales charts.