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Dead island logan and sam b saves
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    Noctis Caelum

    Dead island logan and sam b saves

    Ok made these cause i know everybody wants this....Save 1 is logan lvl 50....(didnt touch skills, left that for u to do)...has all but maybe 2 or 3 legendary weapons..I hexxed every weapon so they r orange and lvl 50....Starts at the beginning of game no missions started......Has 999 Large health packs has every developer mod weapon not the mod it self saved u time by just adding the weapon....also has 99 of each gernade in the game..Ex..shock, posion and etc....9999999 money.No craft items or mods enjoy.....

    Sam b save has the exact same stuff...skill points r not touched at all, start of game all weapons lvl 50 and so on..
    Only thing different is that they start with different weapons...

    IMPORTANT ALL OTHER WEAPONS R ON JIN...WHEN U GET TO THE MISSION WHERE U FINALLY GET HER LOOK IN UR STORAGE...ALSO DO NOT PICKUP ANY WEAPONS IF U DO JUST DROP IT SEEING U HAVE THE BEST WEAPONS OR U MIGHT FREEZE...Please hit the thanks button....enjoy...O yea please add ur id's then save and rehash with horizon it works dont say it doesnt...lol
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