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Dead Island Make Your Own Golden Weapons
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    Dead Island Make Your Own Golden Weapons

    For those that know how to HEX edit your Dead Island unencypted GS:

    I have a Windows Command Prompt program I created called Midas. It assumes you know how to HEX edit a GS. It also assumes you are familiar with other command prompt programs like CD and DIR.

    It took me some time to figure out and though this forum has been helpful I did figure it out by myself through trial and error.

    The program works by looking for weapon strings. All weapon strings are really two consecutive strings. The second string is "None" or some blueprint mod. Following the second string is a long. aa bb cc dx. We are interested in the 4th byte. In the 4th byte dx we are interested in nibble x. If we make it a 4 or a C we will have a golden weapon. It's that simple.

    This routine will take an unencrypted Dead Island Game Save file
    and turns all the weapon items it contains into Gold
    Useage for Midas Version 1.03:

    >Midas filename

    Download file from:


    Here is what Midas.exe says in a command prompt if no filename is specified.

    This is the contents of my GS before running midas on it.

    This is midas being run on that same GS.

    Finally here is what that GS looks like after being modified by midas.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails MidasInfo.jpg   WeaponsExample.jpg   MidasExample.jpg  


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    Re: Dead Island Make Your Own Golden Weapons

    I'm having a small issue with this.

    Midas works fine, and when checking with Weapons it reads everything as gold. But when I run it through the encryption program, the values are reset to the original. Is there any way around this?

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    Re: Dead Island Make Your Own Golden Weapons

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    Re: Dead Island Make Your Own Golden Weapons

    I could use a bit more info...Which encyption program?

    Midas replaces your original file by renaming it to filenam.bak and perhaps your encyption program has followed the replacement name. The new file is then called filename. For example suppose your original file is called save_0~. Then it will be renamed to save_0~.bak and a new save_0~ is created with the modified values for Gold weapons.

    But I cannot think of any reason why any encryption program would specifically change the rarity of a weapon or how it would know what its previous value was.
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    Re: Dead Island Make Your Own Golden Weapons

    Thanks for the help, but I managed to figure it out.

    Apparently the decryter/encrypter program I was using was referencing the original file when it generated a new one.

    I got it working by using the old 7-zip method instead.

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    Re: Dead Island Make Your Own Golden Weapons

    worked like a charm

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    Re: Dead Island Make Your Own Golden Weapons

    Quote Originally Posted by vsrkev View Post
    worked like a charm
    Thanks for letting us know!



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