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Yes, after both PES 2011 and FIFA 12 3DS dropped the ball by not including an online mode, Konami won't be making the same mistake again in PES 2012 3DS which is coming to 3DS soon.

So in addition to the usual Master League, Champions League and Copa America tournaments that you'd expect from a modern PES game, you'll now be able to play online.

Yes, you'll be able to play against a friend in one-vs-one games online via Wi-Fi Connection while PES 2102 3D will also support StreetPass.

Players will be able to exchange Master League team data with other PES 2012 3D players before taking on a CPU opponent which uses the other player's team.

Like FIFA 12 3DS, you can play with the Touch Screen, moving your players with the stylus. However, if you want to use a more traditional approach, you can play PES 2012 3D with the Circle Pad and buttons.

Elsewhere, we're promised new camera views that pan and swoop to cover the on-pitch action and show off the 3D powers of the 3DS.

There's also a new Become a Legend option which puts you in charge of one player and follow him on a journey to becoming a world-class player.

Additionally you can expect League and Cup competitions, Free Training and an Edit Mode which enables you edit players and their kits.