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Dark Souls Modding Found Out? An Answer To Fix This :)
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    Dark Souls Modding Found Out? An Answer To Fix This :)

    Hello, I noticed a little while back that "Gamefaqs" ;"Gamespot" had found out about the modding by using the Book of the Guilty. Now in Jappi88's and Cybersam's editor, (Thanks guys) they added the feature to boost your stats up to numbers like 99999. At first, I tried, and realized nothing special came of it. Now, what I'm going to mention, hasn't been tested yet as I don't have the game with me.

    When you edit your stat to 9999 for example, like endurance. They see "99" as it cuts off the rest, but when at a bonfire, the option "Level up" will show "9999". So I was thinking, for example, and this does not work with Health and Stamina due to that having to do with modding it, itself and not by a stat.

    Here's an example.

    Soul Level: 70.

    Vitality: 1099.

    Attunement: 1099.

    Endurance: 1099

    Strength: 1099.

    Dexterity: 1099.


    Intelligence: 1099.

    Faith: 1099.

    Humanity: 10.

    Now stat wise, the game sees all of these as 10, but with the stats of 99. All being 10, it makes your soul level 70, making you look legit, but this is only an example as you start with stats, so each start class would have a different Soul Level. It has to be around 10-20, other wise your soul level has to be higher and higher. In the boards, they see people with all 99's and 1 billion stamina and such, making it completely obvious. I'm not entirely sure on what it shows for everything, like amount you can wear, and such, but from the look of this, you can still have max stats and be undetectable at the same time. Any comments? And if someone could check the book and put all that is shown.

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