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Deus Ex HR new game +
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    Deus Ex HR new game +

    Out of curiosity does it have one.

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    Re: Deus Ex HR new game +

    I don't think so.
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    Re: Deus Ex HR new game +

    That would be nice considering all the stuff that's spread around the game.

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    Re: Deus Ex HR new game +

    No it doesn't, unfortunately.

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    Re: Deus Ex HR new game +

    It surprising considering the amount of time you spend upgrading equipment, to bad you can at least get your guns and equipment back. I could deal with not having skills.

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    Re: Deus Ex HR new game +

    No it doesnt =/
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    Re: Deus Ex HR new game +

    The only points that are hard in that game are the bosses, maybe the occasional sneaking, but weapons do not effect sneaking to much. I am sorry it does not and I really do not see the point. The game gives you everything you need by the time you need it. Biggest issue I really saw was lack of inventory space, but that is fixed really with the first perk in that tree.

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    Re: Deus Ex HR new game +

    I have it, got it from GameStop for $26. Although like many other have yet to play it. Also The DLC is on sale until the 13th of this month.
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