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Dead Island - Weapons quality and levels.
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    Dead Island - Weapons quality and levels.

    Yes I searched and read! :D

    Hi. :P
    New on forums, could use a hand here.
    Read alot of threads on this subject, yet at the end all I end up with is a weapon called Paralyzing Katana lvl 44 epic, when I try to make a Legendary lvl 47. :(

    I've seen a few tutorials about only changing 2 bytes n' stuff, but on this forum I read that it was 4.

    So what am I doing wrong?

    This is the string:

    4D 65 6C 65 65 5F 4B 61 74 61 6E 61 47 65 6E 04 00 4E 6F 6E 65 31 6C AC E4 00 00 00 01 42 26 CE D9 00 00 00 03 13 00

    4E 6F 6E 65 <- This is the "None" part.
    31 6C AC E4<- This is the 4 bytes after the "None" part, and from what I gathered those that decides quality/color and level.

    Then I got this white lvl 47 knife which got:
    00 66 ED 63 <- after "None".

    And then I guessed ED 63 was the lvl 47.
    However when I input that to either the Katana or Zeds Demise, all I get is as I said, Paralyzing Katana/Zeds in lvl 44 epic quality.

    What in the world am I misunderstanding?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Dead Island - Weapons quality and levels.

    If I remember correctly the first 2 are the damage and the second 2 are the level.
    Each level has 8 values then the next level is shown. Color is attached to that.

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    Re: Dead Island - Weapons quality and levels.

    Okay. :/
    That was a new one.
    This is what I've gathered from now.
    1: The 2 first bytes are the quality, the last 2 are the level.
    2: The first 2 are level, the last 2 quality.
    3: The first 2 are damage, the last 2 are level.

    I'm so confused. :<

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    Re: Dead Island - Weapons quality and levels.

    140 views, and no one with anything?
    I thought somebody would have the knowledge I was missing. :(
    Anyways, I got the whole thing with going up x8.
    But that triggered a new problem for me.

    We got this level 10 legendary Crowbar, and I wanted to make us a level 20, 30 and 40 version of it.
    The bytes are 5D AB BC 54 -
    So if I'm correct level 20 would look like 5D AB BC A4 and level 30 would be 5D AB BC F4.
    And then the problem hits, I can't go more than to level 31 with adding 8 making the last bit be FC.
    What do I do to raise it to 40?

    Any help appriciated.

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    Re: Dead Island - Weapons quality and levels.

    Using the values you mentioned:

    Lvl - Four Bytes
    10 - 5D AB BC 54 - known level you started with
    20 - 5D AB BC A4
    30 - 5D AB BC F4
    40 - 5D AB BD 44 - Note that now 3rd byte has also been changed by one
    50 - 5D AB BD 94
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