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making save game editors- requirements.
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    making save game editors- requirements.

    Hey all!

    Could someone point me to a way to create save game editors? I noticed some are in C#. I would like to know if there are some created in C++? I particularly would be interested in VC2010 or Embarcedaro C++Builder types.

    Also, what are the libraries is it linked against? I noticed some of the rehashing stuff is included.

    I have a few hex editors and I modify using differentials, but everytime I start doing it, someone else beat me to it already ;) haha, no problem, I would like to to it for fun.


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    Re: making save game editors- requirements.

    You can write them in any language you can do basic file I/O in. There are a few Xbox 360 libraries around, one of more used ones is X360 for .NET languages (http://skunkiebutt.com/?page_id=362). There aren't any libs for C/C++ as far as I know but if you make an app that requires people to extract their savedata first then you shouldn't need one.



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