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Earlier today, when Geoff Keighley tweeted that his own app for the iPad (also now available on Steam), The Final Hours of Portal 2, had been updated with a new (and free) 2,500 word chapter, we rushed to our iPad to check it out.
After wrestling over the company iPad for a while, we finally came to an agreement: Justin would read it aloud in his best southern accent. It was the only peaceful solution, you see.

While we can't relay the news with the dapper draw of a southern gentleman, we can confirm this new chapter focuses on Valve's attempt to make an easier-to-use level editor and an in-game level browser -- Valve even hopes to bring the latter to console versions of the game. The company is also looking at the possibility of adding GLaDOS to the editor. We can already imagine her berating us for how long it takes to rotate a ramp.

Those who previously purchased the app get free access to the new chapter. The app itself is currently available on iPad and Steam for $1.99.