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Research firm EEDAR has produced its "Deconstructing Downloadable Content (DLC) Report" for 2011.
The report, now in its third year, reveals that 51 percent of HD console owners have purchased DLC in the last 12 months. EEDAR expects DLC will generate over $875 million in 2011, surpassing $1 billion in 2012 in North America.

EEDAR figures if publishers can get the 49 percent who have not purchased DLC to convert, the North American games industry could make an extra $600 million dollars. According to the report, the number one reason, at 47 percent, for consumers not purchasing DLC is privacy ... your guess is as good as ours as to what that means. EEDAR analyst Jesse Divnich told Joystiq the company plans to break out that question for more detail next year. Reasons two and three -- "no return policy" and "too expensive" -- make far more sense.

We also asked Divnich how the company defined "purchased" to the survey participants, since the bundled "online pass" has become ubiquitous this year. He told us that the survey was specific about a transfer of money having occurred for online content, but that a respondent could have taken that to mean at the cash register instead of through a digital distribution network.

Those interested in the business of DLC can take a look at the excerpt of the report.