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Batman Arkham City Save Editor
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    Batman Arkham City Save Editor

    This is just a basic Xp and Level editor for Batman Arkham City

    Uses PackageIO by FeudalNate
    Compression by Fairchild

    Fairchild said he is working on the compression a little more as there are more than 3 blocks in some instances. so when he releases a new version of his compression tool just replace the Batman.exe with his new one and as long as the options dont change it will still work.

    http://www.360haven.com/forums/showt...ession-Toolkit ......to check for update and Thank Fairchild
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    Re: Batman Arkham City Save Editor

    save damaged :(

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    Re: Batman Arkham City Save Editor

    Nice work too late to try it out but will when i wake up. thanks for the editor and i will def. let you know if i get it to work.

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    Re: Batman Arkham City Save Editor

    Just tested and works great here, Thanks for all your hard work (thats including for fairchild ^^)
    Wish you all an great weekend XD

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    Re: Batman Arkham City Save Editor

    I get corrupt save. Is it because I'm doing it far too early in the game? I'm doing it right on the rooftops after the first sort of tutorial mission.

    If someone could help me get it to 99999 xp, I would be grateful. My save is below.


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    Re: Batman Arkham City Save Editor

    Thanks for the save editor.

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    Re: Batman Arkham City Save Editor

    don't work here !
    someone can do it for me please ?
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    Re: Batman Arkham City Save Editor

    Well thanks, but actually it crashes my game when i try to load the save.


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