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Minimum Required Level on Dead Island Weapons
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    Minimum Required Level on Dead Island Weapons

    I have done a lot of analysis and have found that the following weapons can only be useful when player's Level is at least equivalent or greater than the indicated minimum. The exciting news is that several Legendary weapons can actually be useful at Level 1. That means a save could be made that provides the best weapon from the very start of the game (past the prologoue).

    All weapons have a MAX of 50. Zero means works for ALL levels.

    Lvl AKA Weapon
    0 Molotov Throwable_Molotov None
    1 Assassins Greed Melee_leg_AssassinsGreed None
    1 Bushmaster Melee_leg_Bushmaster None
    1 Cane Knife Melee_CaneKnifeGen None
    1 Cleaver Melee_CleaverSlicerGen None
    1 Crowbar Melee_CrowbarGen None
    1 Cudgel Melee_MaceCudgelGen None
    1 Eviscerator Melee_leg_Eviscerator None
    1 Explosive Assassins Greed Melee_leg_AssassinsGreed Craftplan_Stickybombcraft
    1 Gabriels SledgeHammer Melee_leg_GabrielsSledgeHammer None
    1 Grenade Throwable_Grenade None
    1 Italian Plumber Melee_leg_Italianplumber None
    1 Mace Melee_MaceGen None
    1 Master Chef Melee_leg_MasterChef None
    1 Morning Star Melee_MaceMorningStarGen None
    1 Sickle Melee_SickleGen None
    1 Tijuana Machete Melee_leg_TheMachete None
    1 Two Parter Melee_leg_Two-Parter None
    10 Magnum Firearm_MagnumGen None
    10 Revolver Firearm_ColtGen None
    12 Heavy Pistol Firearm_DesertEagleGen None
    12 McCall's 9mm Firearm_leg_Mccall9Mm None
    12 Pistol Firearm_M9Gen None
    14 Battle Double Blade Melee_DoubleBladeBattleGen None
    14 Knife Melee_KnifeGen None
    14 Machete Melee_MacheteGen None
    14 Metal Baseball Bat Melee_MetalBaseballBatGen None
    14 Military Machete Melee_MacheteMilitaryGen None
    14 Police Baton Melee_PoliceBatonGen None
    18 Single Shot Rifle Firearm_SingleShotRifle_BGen None
    19 Shotgun Firearm_ShotgunGen None
    19 Striker CrowdPleaser Firearm_leg_CrowdPleaser Craftplan_Strikershotgun
    20 Auto Rifle Firearm_AutoRifle_EGen None
    20 Burst Rifle Firearm_BurstRifle_BGen None
    20 Detox Burst Rifle Firearm_BurstRifleGen Craftplan_Detoxrifle
    20 Shock Auto Rifle Firearm_AutoRifleGen Craftplan_Shockrifle
    20 Striker Burst Rifle Firearm_BurstRifle_BGen Craftplan_Strikerrifle
    24 Big Universal Axe Melee_BigAxeUniversalGen None
    24 Construction Hammer Melee_SledgeHammerConstGen None
    24 DeathStalker Katana Melee_KatanaGen Craftplan_Poisonx4
    24 Exotic Double Blade Melee_DoubleBladeExoticGen None
    24 Exotic Sickle Melee_SickleExoticGen None
    24 Explosive Military Knife Melee_KnifeMilitaryGen Craftplan_Stickybombcraft
    24 Hatchet Melee_AxeHatchetGen None
    24 Katana Melee_KatanaGen None
    24 KuKri Melee_MacheteKukriGen None
    24 Metal Baton Melee_MetalBatonGen None
    24 Military Knife Melee_KnifeMilitaryGen None
    24 Mindblowing Military Knife Melee_KnifeMilitaryDevCraft Craftplan_Dev4
    24 Pickaxe Melee_PickaxeGen None
    24 Plaguebearing Military Knife Melee_KnifeMilitaryDevCraft Craftplan_Dev3
    24 Reaper Melee_ReaperGen None
    24 Tanto Melee_TantoGen None
    24 Toxic Battle Sickle Melee_SickleBattleGen Craftplan_Poisonspreadcraft
    24 Wakizashi Melee_WakizashiGen None

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